Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Guys


I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty bummed I won’t be spending my Valentine’s Day in Louisville at the farm show this year like I have for as long as I can remember. I’d say it’ll probably be a pretty even split of women who feel like me and those who are grateful they get a break for a year. Whichever type of woman you’re lucky enough to have in your life would probably still appreciate a little something for what’s apparently supposed to be the most romantic day of the year – whether that be to cheer her up that she’s not three beers deep at the tractor pull or to celebrate the fact that she gets a year with you to herself on February 14th. Which is where I come in…..fellas, I’ve put together a list of some really awesome gift ideas (in my opinion anyways) that your woman would be happy to unwrap and taken all the work out of it for you.

#1 Hungry Canyon

As someone who really doesn’t do the whole Valentine’s Day thing, the one thing I think every woman would appreciate is a card. It doesn’t cost a whole lot and is definitely sentimental, and even the most anti-Valentine’s Day women around can still appreciate this sweet gesture. Hands down my favorite ones I’ve seen the last few years are from Hungry Canyon – all related to the ag industry. Bonus, while you’re picking out a sweet card for your lovely lady, you can go ahead and grab some for the little farmers in your life, and let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure you helping out and taking that task off your wife’s plate would mean more to her than all the diamonds in the world. Plus, if you use code “ERIN” it takes 10% off, and who doesn’t love a good deal?

#2 No Roots Boots

If you have either recently made your woman very angry or did a terrible job picking out a Christmas gift for her, I’d recommend getting her a pair of boots from Paige, the sweet + sassy owner of No Roots Boots. Seriously, she’ll love you forever if you get her a pair. However, if you’re not looking to spend that much money for a Hallmark holiday, she has a ton of cute accessories and car freshies that are to die for!

#3 The Runaway Rack, The Farmer’s Wife & Co., The Mustard Seed Marketplace, and Adorn Boutique

All four of these sweet gals have the best and cutest clothes! Trust me, I know because I’m pretty sure half of my money goes to them. Between them they have something for every style, and they’re so great in helping to pick something special out. They’ve got it all from shoes to cardigans to all the accessories a woman could ever ask for.

#4 Flying Spade Co. and HAANmade Treasures


Maysen and Alex are from complete opposite ends of the country, but the one thing they have in common? They both make the best earrings. I met Maysen of Flying Spade Co. through Instagram and knew Alex of HAANmade Treasures from Purdue, and their earrings are always my go-tos for every outfit. Adorable and affordable – my two favorite things.

#5 Dirt Road Candle Co. and Ratajczak Farm Co.


I’ve got candles from both of these gals, and they keep my house smelling amazing. This may not sound like much, but if you also live in an old farmhouse with a perpetually wet basement, you know what an actual accomplishment this is. Michelle of Dirt Road Candle Co. has some of the best candles and sprays my olfactory senses have ever had the pleasure of smelling, and Kelly of Ratajczak Farm Co. just got her candle business up and running but is already killing it. I’ve literally got the Cashmere scent from DRCC in my cart as I type this, and my favorite scent so far from Ratajczak Farm Co. is Grandma’s Apple Pie. If you think about it, a candle or two would actually make the perfect gift because everyone benefits from it.


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    Keep up the good work. We need farmers.

    Chuck Murray
  • How is this woman still single?! Definitely a priceless one.

    Woody Hodges
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  • Hi Erin

    I have been following you on youtube since you started and I pop by your blog every now and then to see if there is a new entry.

    As far as you tube goes, your doing a wonderful job and we are blessed that you share parts of your life with us. I am sure that I speak for most people when I say that nothing is boring and you do not ever seem awkward (even though you say that you feel it). To me your just being totally natural, no fakery so just keep being you, it is why we love your videos, warts and all.I’m from a family farming background (mixed corn and dairy) albiet 4000 odd miles across the Atlantic (England) so a lot of what you show and the day to day life resonates with me.

    I know you say that you dont do Valentine’s Day but I am of the generation that still believes in good old fashioned romance and although one should never need to have an excuse or reason to show your significant other how much she, or he, means to you it is nice to have a day dedicated to doing just that. It is not just the men who should show how much the Lady in thier life matters, the women should recipricate also. Romance goes both ways after all and rather than grand gestures of expensive gifts, its the little things that say the most, the unspoken gestures.

    So thank you again for sharing those moments of your daily life on youtube, none of it is mundane, and we are privileged that you do so. I hope that this next year gets better for us all and most of all that you and your family stay safe.

    My kindest regards



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