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The National Farm Machinery Show aka Disney World for Farmers

The National Farm Machinery Show, aka every farmer’s favorite trip to Louisville, is finally upon us. I look forward to this show every year, but to be honest as I’m sitting in my hotel room at the end of day one putting off getting ready to go out to eat and to the bars, I’m thinking that the farm show shares a lot of similarities to Disney World. Don’t believe me? Well, here ya go 𐰸𐰸

  • At the end of the day you have blisters on your feet no matter what kind of shoes you wear.
  • People everywhere.
  • You have to take out a second mortgage on your house to be able to afford the food.
  • Kids in strollers and wagons whining and crying when their parents don’t let them climb all over the equipment.
  • You need a solid 24 hours of being a couch potato to recover from the show and all the after show activities.
  • Did I mention how freaking crowded it is?

Whew. That doesn’t exactly make it sound like something anyone would ever want to go to. Despite all of that, it’s still “the happiest place on earth” for a lot of people in the ag industry and one of my favorite little mini vacations of the year.

I’m obviously not exactly a crowd person, but today alone I got to see three of my old customers from back in my seed selling days, finally got to meet I don’t even know how many people from social media in real life, get to hang out with all of my favorite folks from DTN, and also got to meet a ton of great people from all over the country. I had the opportunity to sit in on a seminar about the weather and market outlook for 2020 put on by DTN (seriously so much good information to take back home with me). I also got to see a little bit of the show and all the new technology and innovations that are coming our way in the ag industry and can’t wait to see more of it over the next couple days.

This year I get to be more involved in the farm show as a brand ambassador for DTN which has me even more excited than usual. It’s been wonderful working with DTN and all of the freaking amazing people there. Every morning and afternoon I’ll be in the DTN booth in the west wing to talk to people about how we’ve been able to take advantage of and utilize DTN products on our farm (which we love btw), and Thursday afternoon there’s a DTN sponsored happy hour which I am obviously super excited about.

All in all, this year’s farm show shaping up to be pretty great, so if you make it to Louisville, stop by the DTN booth, say hi, and make this year my favorite farm show yet!



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