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5 Must Haves for Harvest

These are the five gadgets that I couldn’t live without while I’m running the cart during harvest……okay, I could probably live without them, but they make my life ten times easier. Trust me when I say that any of these things will improve your quality of harvest as well!


#1. Caffeine Pills

I try not to drink pop, and I hate coffee with a passion, but everyone knows harvest brings long hours and little sleep. Bring in the caffeine pills. These suckers pack a punch (my brother calculated that each one equals four Mountain Dews) and are perfect for that mid-afternoon pick me up.

#2. Bluetooth Transmitter Phone Charger

I don’t know about your equipment, but most of ours don’t have radios in them with Bluetooth capability. This handy little gadget not only can be used as a phone charger, but allows you to turn any radio into a Bluetooth radio! It’s perfect for listening to those perfectly curated harvest playlists and true crime podcasts to get your murder fix in when you just can’t take the combine driver yelling at you anymore.

#3. Power Strip

There’s no way I would’ve been able to start Heart of the Midwest in the middle of harvest last year without this thing. It allowed me to bring my wifi router in the auger cart along with me so I could build a website, design shirts, and fulfill orders. I used it for internet, but the uses for this little outlet are endless.

#4. Cigarette Lighter Splitter

This is a new one this year, but it’s already proving its worth. Last year I would have to choose if I was going to listen to the Bluetooth or use the power strip for internet, but with this I don’t have to choose! My only advice here is that you have to be careful what you plug into it……turns out it’s not quite strong enough to run too many things at once.

#5. Tractor Oven

My most prized possession. The holy grail. Some days it’s questionable when and even if we’re going to get a meal delivered to the field, and let me tell you, I get hangry real quick. With this I can warm up food with no problem pretty quickly so I can have a hot, homemade meal in the comfort of my auger cart tractor.


Mini Aluminum Pans

This way you can make your own homemade meals to heat up in your tractor oven!


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