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5 Must Haves for Harvest

These are the five gadgets that I couldn’t live without while I’m running the cart during harvest……okay, I could probably live without them, but they make my life ten times easier. Trust me when I say that any of these things will improve your quality of harvest as well!


#1. Caffeine Pills

I try not to drink pop, and I hate coffee with a passion, but everyone knows harvest brings long hours and little sleep. Bring in the caffeine pills. These suckers pack a punch (my brother calculated that each one equals four Mountain Dews) and are perfect for that mid-afternoon pick me up.

#2. Bluetooth Transmitter Phone Charger

I don’t know about your equipment, but most of ours don’t have radios in them with Bluetooth capability. This handy little gadget not only can be used as a phone charger, but allows you to turn any radio into a Bluetooth radio! It’s perfect for listening to those perfectly curated harvest playlists and true crime podcasts to get your murder fix in when you just can’t take the combine driver yelling at you anymore.

#3. Power Strip

There’s no way I would’ve been able to start Heart of the Midwest in the middle of harvest last year without this thing. It allowed me to bring my wifi router in the auger cart along with me so I could build a website, design shirts, and fulfill orders. I used it for internet, but the uses for this little outlet are endless.

#4. Cigarette Lighter Splitter

This is a new one this year, but it’s already proving its worth. Last year I would have to choose if I was going to listen to the Bluetooth or use the power strip for internet, but with this I don’t have to choose! My only advice here is that you have to be careful what you plug into it……turns out it’s not quite strong enough to run too many things at once.

#5. Tractor Oven

My most prized possession. The holy grail. Some days it’s questionable when and even if we’re going to get a meal delivered to the field, and let me tell you, I get hangry real quick. With this I can warm up food with no problem pretty quickly so I can have a hot, homemade meal in the comfort of my auger cart tractor.


Mini Aluminum Pans

This way you can make your own homemade meals to heat up in your tractor oven!


  • My grandfather was Orville Redenbacher. I have really enjoyed Erins video of farm life.It reminded me of my grandfathers days of farming . He is a Purdue graduate.

    kyle fish
  • Erin, OMG I absolutely Adore you!!! Love the channel and Love your face and most of all your personality ROCKS !!!

    Charlie Brown
  • Feel your pain of “weak signal”. My sateillite internet faded out when I tried to post this same comment. 😊 Seeing your caffein pills, I was going to send you some kratom, from a reputable Christian man, whom I have talked with. He started & runs Laughing Lion Herbs and employs 14 people. But I discovered that Indiana is one of the very few states that has made it illegal. They claim it is a synthetic psychoactive drug!!?? 🤔 It is neither synthetic, psycho active or a drug. It is an all natural herb and being nearly 70, I have tried psychoactive drugs in the distant past. Big Pharma does not like any “natural remedies”, as they cannot patent them. If you travel elsewhere, I can assure you that quality kratom (not bought at gas stations & convenience stores) is better for you than caffein pills! 😊 I take 2 teaspoons in the a.m. instead of caffein. Different strains can have either a calming affect or a “pickup” effect & helping our mood (as most of us need in the a.m.) Plus it lasts for a good 2 to 3 hours. No nervousness or withdrawals. It does however have a bad taste as you down it in warm water, but “chasing” it immediately with your favorite juice solves that! Keep the Faith and warm regards, Riker

  • God reminded me of this to share with you, “Live your life as a living sacrifice.” The sacrifices the Israelites were to bring to God had to be without blemish, no spot or wrinkle. They were supposed to bring their BEST. So, it doesn’t matter the car you drive, the house you live, above all, get your health flawless as you can. So many work a lot to have a lot, but then have nothing in the end because of their health. It’s better to work less, have less, but have your health that you may do all God asks of you, play with kids, run, jump, sprint, whatever. What do you need to give up, to give your health, presenting yourself fully to God, making sure everything is flawless; some things you can’t fix. Fix what you can and be honest with God about the difference. See what he won’t do and will do to bridge the gap. He fixed my knee and so many other things once I began living for him, seeking to be flawless rather than owning many FLAWED THINGS.

    one more thing
  • God put a lot of great people in my life that helped me retire early, a few years ago, at 32, and so when he gives me a word for others, I know I should share. First thing he taught me: you have to know your job and everyone else’s job. He said, “What was Adam’s first job? To build names for things, look, observe, and then decide how to use a name to classify them. What was Eve’s job? Help Adam. So, your job is to not only figure things out, but make sure the Eves in your life know they are helpful by showing where they can help.” He reminded, “Who picked out where Adam would work? God did. Who picked out what he would work? God did. So, seek God about every piece of land, to make sure you are in the right place. Abraham was not, and that’s why God had him uproot and leave, to be more successful, by getting him where he was supposed to be all along, a place his father would never go, but helped him get toward.” He spelled it out plainly, “As a product of your creator, guess what, like Adam creating names for animals, you will only be happy if you are creating something. The others around you will only be happy if they are helping you create something. Yes, production is important, but producing without creating wears on a person, because they become machines and robots, not sons and daughters of God. So, your job is to create, then produce, so that others will create and produce under the umbrella shelter God has given you.” These were things I learned after the farm, things my grandad and dad didn’t know, the reason they struggled. I, like Abraham, needed something from God, something my father couldn’t give me. So I sought him, and he showed me how to appreciate while seeking those smarter, more patient people, always reminding me, “Love is patient. Every time you are experiencing my hate, like my scripture says I hated Esau, and loved Jacob, it is because you are not patient. I will always love those who seek to be like me, are patient, and work against, bringing disaster and destruction on those who work like Satan, looking to deceive, pull a fast one. So, do it slow. Do it right. Cherish every second, the penny measurements in life, and I will give you the desires of a good heart. I always give those the desires of their heart. Unfortunately, not all have learned how to cultivate good hearts, so they follow their heart to a life full of pain.” Thank you for being patient, reading this patiently, receiving as such, God’s love.


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